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What We Do

We aim for the sweet spot of product creation

As digital product consultants, we provide 3 essential elements to reach that ideal product. Additionally, we use frameworks like Agile, Waterfall, or anything that suits your needs. Now, take a moment to look at what our experts have done so far.
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Our specialized services

A bigger picture of what we do, but certainly not limited to:
Problem identification
Business Requirements Mapping
Market Research
Insights Gathering from Analytics
UX discovery
User research
Competitor benchmarking
Workshops and FGD
Digital product creation
Responsive sites and web apps
Native apps
Product assessment
UX and Tech Audit
Roadmap Creation
Data and Metrics Analysis
Specialized team coaching
Product Management Division
Experience Design Team
Software Development Team

Meet our experts

Our team possesses both unique skills and personalities that set us apart from the rest.
Agha R. Reksoprodjo
Co-founder & Product Management Consultant
Jack of all trades, master of some. Yup, let’s just say he is the generalist in our team. His product management skills really scale up our collaboration process to the next level.
Randi Winarbisono
Co-founder & UX Design Consultant
The pixel-perfect protagonist who does everything visual-related. Expect human-centric designs backed by user research, prototype creations, up until the perfectly feasible product is created.
M. Nurul Akbar (Babono)
Co-founder & Software Development Consultant
The pragma-tech guy who solves problems and finds solutions through lines of codes. This is the guy who saves everyone’s time (and money) by finding the best yet practical solutions to all problems.

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